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ANGEL CAMACHO has succeeded in combining more than 110 years of experience with innovation and an emphasis on exports.

The history of the company comprises a continuous diversification process together with substantial investments in the latest technology, as well as the improvement and continuous expansion of the product range. This know-how is reflected in tradition, reliability and customer care, both of end consumers and the supply chain, and also in terms of quality.

FRAGATA is a brand with a unique personality and a perception of premium quality, tradition & confidence.

Fragata Olives Sea Salt

Fragata Snack'n Olive

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Fragata Whole Green Olives

Fragata Spanish Olives whole green

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Fragata Capers

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Fragata Jalapenos

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Fragata Gherkins

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Fragata Pitted Green Olives

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Fragata Pitted Black Olives

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